takeonthethrone (takeonthethrone) wrote in weezer_o_matic,

Apologies to all you geek-loving girls, but Weezer front-man Rivers Cuomo is now a happily married man.

According to the band's website, the 36-year-old singer wed his long-time girlfriend Kyoto Ito at a private ceremony in Malibu, CA on Sunday.

About 100 friends and family came out for the event, including Rick Rubin, which featured a string quartet and vegan fare.

As well, six of the seven all-time Weezer members came out for the wedding, including Brian Bell, Pat Wilson, Scott Shriner, Matt Sharp, Jason Cropper, and of course, Cuomo. Ex-bassist Mikey Welsh, who departed on less-than-good terms, was not in attendance.

It's been a good month for Cuomo. In addition to the marriage, he graduated from Harvard last week, 11 years after he first enrolled. He also celebrated his birthday on June 13.

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im so glad that matt came